Keurig Table Top Coffee Machine Competition

Earlier this year, F&T Vending Co ran a fantastic exhibition stand at the Chamber of Commerce Expo. Following its success, a social media competition was composed on Facebook, giving those who entered the chance to win a high quality Keurig Table Top coffee machine.

Chamber of Commerce Expo

Hull’s very own networking convention for likeminded businessmen and women across the UK was held at Costello Stadium earlier this summer. This year’s gathering was a real success, with all of the latest technological news sparking excellent conversation and inspiration across the board.

Companies were able to organise exhibition stands to advertise their knowledge and products, alongside giving them the opportunity to network with others who attended. F&T Vending Co were proud to be a part of this day and gained a lot of positive feedback from the experience. One thing that came from this of course, was an extended Facebook competition, to win bespoke coffee machines.

Our Very First Facebook Competition was a great success!

We were extremely pleased with the turnout of this fantastic giveaway and equally delighted to announce our two brilliant winners…

Winner #1 – SG Financial Recruitment 

Winner #2 – Emmerson Kitney Recruitment 

Here you can see our happy winners pictured above with our very own Director from F&T Vending Co, Maxine Robson!

Keurig Table Top Coffee Machine;

Here at F&T Vending, we stock only the most high quality, bespoke products on the market. We like to sell what we truly believe in, and one product that is of untold benefit to a workplace, in our opinion, is the Keurig Table Top Coffee Machine Range – a cost effective for smaller offices.

Some of the benefits of these coffee machines include an easy to use pod system, barista style coffee, quality brands such as Starbucks and Twinings, multiple milk options, 5 cup sizes and much more.

The winners of our 2 Keurig coffee machines are now fully kitted out to provide their employees and visitors with high quality hot drinks to suit all tastes. With a variety of drinks, flavours and strengths, the Keurig table top coffee machine can brighten up everyone’s day, one drink at a time.

Employees and visitors will be able to enjoy a choice of more than 20 kinds of coffees, teas and special gourmet drinks in the workplace. Simply load the machine with your choice of K-Cup pod and the machine does all of the rest for you. No fuss, no mess and no problems.

Our excellent coffee machines provide only the highest quality of refreshments and are likely to provide great first impressions to those who enter your workplace. We believe that not only are these machines excellent quality, but they are even considered an important component of any workspace, as they have the ability to enhance the work environment overall. It is without a doubt that the winners of our Keurig table top coffee machines are happy with their prize!

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