Introducing the Iberital Expression Coffee Machine


Iberital Table Top Machines

A perfect machines for a wide range of businesses. Cafe, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs etc. Delicious tasting gourmet coffee every time!

Coffee is one of the most complex raw materials, due both to its depth and richness on the one hand and its delicacy and handling on the other. For this reason, it is essential to control brewing parameters as well as the barista’s freedom.

Designed for highly demanding environments, both in terms of workload as well as the quality of extraction, the Expression Two Boilers coffee machine supplies precision and stability, two key factors in the search of the perfect brewing of each espresso, even when using the most deli- cate coffee blends.

The Iberital Expression Two Boilers has a double boiler system that separates the water circuits, allowing the machine to generate steam and simultaneously maintain optimal control parameters for the extraction of co ee in terms of temperature and pressure, one espresso after another, during long periods of operation and intense workload. A less power consuming system due to less heat losses and no heat interferences between boilers.

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  • Choice of 8 delicious hot beverages
  • Real espresso coffee from the bean
  • Back lit door panel
  • Small and compact unit
  • Stylish looks
  • An LCD graphic monochrome display
  • Energy saving features
  • Adjustable dispensing area to fit different cup heights
  • Tank or plumbed versions
  • Available in black or white

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