Water Hydration Facts

Water Coolers

Did you know that a well hydrated workforce can improve performance by upto 30%?


Water Coolers 

Better Hydration = Better Performance!

Having access to chilled, filtered water has been proven to help keep your workforce alert and focused and can actively contribute towards the overall health of your staff.

Dehydration can cause tiredness, headaches and lack of concentration so it is highly beneficial for you as a responsible employer to help your staff achieve the 8 glasses a day as recommended by the Department of Health.

F & T Vending offer a range of water coolers to suit all kinds of environments and budgets. We can also provide bottled water, water cups and cones and a full sanitisation service.

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Plumbed in Water Coolers
Plumbed-in watercoolers or often known as ‘mains-fed’ or ‘point of use’ watercoolers deliver fresh, crisp and chilled filtered water on demand.
Bottle Fed Water Coolers
These watercoolers are perfect for a business that perhaps might not have a mains water supply close by to where it is to be sighted.


the health benefits…

Regulates Body Temperature

Keeping our body temperature just right really helps us get the most out of our day

Lubricates Joints

This helps us move around better during our day. Less aches, less pains.

Flushes our waste

The Human body is a complex machine. Water helps flush out toxins and waste.

Great looking skin

Water helps our skin look younger and healthier. Now who doesn’t want that?

Drink plenty of water each day…

Water is essential for our everyday survival and the effects of dehydration and water loss can be very harmful. Throughout our lives we are told to drink plenty of water each day, but who knows exactly the correct amount of water we should be drinking? Is there a magic number of glasses? Does water in fizzy drinks count? Check out our article here for some tips.

What colour is your wee?

Okay, so we have your attention…. When you don’t drink enough water your kidneys try to save as much water as they can which causes your urine to be darker in colour  which usually means you are Dehydrated.

Thankfully, regaining hydration is simple. One or two cups of water will quickly give the body the water it needs and help you maintain a healthy and active life. Good hydration helps the body and mind get the most out of the day.