Snack Vending in Yorkshire


We work with the Crane Merchant range of snack machines which are highly flexible and energy efficient. A state of the art machine able to offer a fantastic selection of products to satisfy all tastes. These machines are fitted with “SureVend” which detects if the product has not been dispensed and will instruct the spiral to turn again, ensuring the release of any item. Should there be any reason for the item not to vend after three attempts the machine automatically returns the coins.

The machines come in two sizes and three combinations offering just snacks and sweets, snacks, sweets and drinks and snacks, sweets, drinks and food.


Yummy, Scrummy in my tummy!


We can offer the best names in snacks and confectionery including Nestle, Cadburys, Walkers and McCoys for anyone looking for a quick fix to tie them over till meal time. We will supply you with the most popular products as indicated by demand, which can include crisps, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, fruit/cake bars and flap jacks from local suppliers. A small range of healthy options is also available on request.

All the food and snack/confectionery machines can work in conjunction with hot and cold drinks machines to offer a full refreshment solution – ideal for canteens, breakout areas, leisure facilities etc. As with all of our other freestanding equipment you can choose a fully operated service or operate yourselves and machines can be purchased, leased, rented and, in some circumstances, may be provided free on loan.


We stock some amazing brands

Working in partnership with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of vending equipment and supplies allows us to offer products we have 100% confidence in.