Pot vs Pod – What do you think?

Decisions decisions…. Pot versus Pod’s…

Some people take their coffee very seriously, whilst others just want a hot brew in an instant. Millions of people drink and enjoy instant coffee, absorbing the convenience of the drink and the satisfying taste. However, the more sophisticated drinkers are much more likely to go to greater lengths for a decent cup of coffee. Good coffee and convenience isn’t always a working combination, as this comes at a much greater cost.

Coffee pods are a great example of this. Exceedingly popular as more recently brands such as Nespresso have promoted their quality products to no end. Coffee pods are seen as the solution to homemade barista coffee. An alternative to the inconvenience of going out to coffee chains such as Costa or Starbucks. Coffee machines and the pods that go with them are a modern invention that are filling the homes of thousands in the UK.

Why are coffee pods not always so beneficial?

A huge disadvantage here is that most of these pods do not come in recyclable packaging. Meaning that huge amounts of these pods are being thrown away every day and never being reused. According to The Guardian, Britons spent £56.1 million on pods between February 2012 and 2013. That equates to around 186 million capsules! It is claimed that the pods are not recyclable as they are composed of many different types of plastic. This makes them difficult to separate. However, the companies did defend themselves by stating that the amount of cups saved in coffee chains from the popularity of pods would make up for it.

Another disappointment to coffee machines and the pods are the sheer prices. Although some are more affordable than others, they are a huge margin apart from instant coffee. Pods are very small, coming in packaging that serves only one cup every time. This seems a huge waste when considering how instant coffee comes in large jars and are much easier to make. Why are we receiving so little product yet so much packaging?

Is the quality of pod coffee really that great? Most people argue that actually, it isn’t. With more than a handful of people claiming that they were extremely disappointed considering the amount they had spent on the products. Sure, most would admit that it’s better than your average instant coffee. But is it really that fantastic that you would be willing to spend more and negatively impact the environment for it? We think not.


What you cannot fault pod machines for is their ability to make a consistent cup of decent coffee. The pods are vacuum sealed, ensuring freshness in every cup. There’s also a shed-load of variety – caramel macchiato, espresso, vanilla latte in minutes. Their appeal is undeniable. They are cheaper than barista coffee, they are stylish and modern and they take up much more space than traditional coffee machines. It is plain to see why so many homes have the latest pod machines.

Assortment of easy coffee

Convenient coffee comes in all sorts of brands, shapes, and methods these days. Presses, drip filters, espresso machines…the list goes on. All of these methods are extremely simple. Especially when compared to the pod coffee machines. We even have coffee bags! Essentially tea bags with coffee inside. It’s as simple as that. Considering the effort, cost and environmental impact of using pod coffee machines, these great quick coffee methods seem like a no brainer.