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Dehydration and Water Coolers

Dehydration; Dehydration occurs when as little as 2% of our body’s water supply is lost. It is most common when your body is losing more fluid than it is taken in. When your body’s water levels are lowered, it also lowers the mineral content in your body. This leads to...

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Where did your coffee grow?

Coffee From Around The World – where did your coffee originate? Early Beginnings; It is common sense that the process of coffee making is not a simple one. Coffee plants are grown in all corners of the world and exported on an international level. Coffee comes in a range of...

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Pot vs Pod – What do you think?

Decisions decisions…. Pot versus Pod’s… Some people take their coffee very seriously, whilst others just want a hot brew in an instant. Millions of people drink and enjoy instant coffee, absorbing the convenience of the drink and the satisfying taste. However, the more sophisticated drinkers are much more likely to...

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Vending Machines for the 21st Century

Crane Media is here! With its brilliant new design and customer friendly full colour touch screen the Merchant Media and Bevmax Media join our ever expanding range of innovative and customer focused vending equipment. The media machines are capable of multiple purchases, can offer promotions and discounts and above all make...

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Our own brand of Coffee is launched!

Falkingham & Taylor’s own brand coffee beans are now in stock! Following many tasting sessions and the drinking of many, many espressos we are now proud to present DuBray Classic and DuBray Deluxe whole roast coffee beans.  Available in cases containg 6x1kg bags.  Call now for prices and to order.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

As the situation regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) develops we would like to assure you that the safety and wellbeing of customers and staff at Falkingham & Taylor Vending Ltd (F&T Vending Co) is our priority and we will take all necessary precautions to ensure their continued welfare. As with many businesses, we are actively monitoring the situation with regards the outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus and are reviewing and following the guidelines of Public Health England as things develop.